Thursday, November 24, 2011

its a yes, yes na yes!=)

great day! its my 2 days straight off from my duty at Infectious Disease and Isolation Ward, commonly known as (IIW) =).

i would just like to share some insights since this was my first hospital ward since i got the privilege to practice nursing haha.. most of the FIRST things happened at IIW.. suctioning, ngt feeding, immediate iv insertion, q15 minutes vital signs monitoring, changing of oxygen tank (the big and heavy tank!) did CPR for the first time, experienced "losing" a patient for the first time!gosh.. this was really a huge bunch of actual hands-on learning experience.

it was really a challenge for me since IIW is considered as a special area because we have to wear labgowns and N95 mask. Our patients suffer PTB and knowing the basics about the illness is a must! not only the disease process but including the medications, interview guidelines and the SOP that we have to follow and adhere.

the stay and duty at the ward is exceptional. just the right atmosphere for the usual duty day. I mean, with mam ginky around to answer my questions, (thank you so much mam ginky!), pareng eli to help me with iv insertionsss haha , pareng jeawil to keep the duty cool and light...=)
to our NODs, mam emma, mam anna, sir mario, sir albert, sir mark, mam weng..NAs sir sergio and kuya eddie, thank you po!

DJNRMH made me realize what i really want, made me know what i really want. i want to stay..

stay practicing the profession, stay optimistic, stay jolly, to stay and give my best at where i am right now.
im a little sad that there is only 3 duty days left for me this Nov at IIW, it is where i felt the recognition and appreciation of a job well done. seriously, if asked if i would like to be retained in IIW, (and i was asked about it..=) ) its a YES..yes na yes haha

one instance that happened lately and i really will not forget it,..
i was asking for help from mam ginky to update the kardex when suddenly i realized that our NOD was observing us and with a sweet smile he said, "sana hindi mawala yung passion nyo na ganyan"..=)

ill take pics before duty ends at IIW..=) take care reader!=)
December sched go go go na..haha

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