Monday, January 16, 2012

one heart one mind at pedia ward..=)

kinemfer!! haha that is the usual expression for something that you really cannot explain or express..haha

anyway, this month i was assigned at Pediatric ward of DJNRMH. So far, better.. medication computations, iv management for pedia patients is a "next level" i could say.. aside from the PICU and NICU area that is included in the ward..

I am learning new techniques and skills at pedia ward, not to forget my new friends, co-volunteers, new NODs and little patients that we have to take care of. At pedia ward, the relatives of our patients often are the ones we talk and communicate to.

the tittle of this entry is a reflection of mine during my duty at this ward. I was able to assist 2 intubation procedure of critically ill patients, it broke my heart to see them suffering like that. but during such scenario, i usually stay silent and be mindful of my actions and i just listen to what the doctor is explaining and be sensitive to assist my NODs.

At pedia ward, its not just brain and knowledge. Its more of compassion and understanding. Understanding that your patient cannot say what he is feeling, and cannot complain the pain that he is going through.

i remember someone who said that everyday, a nurse may touch someone's life, or a story of life may touch hers..

half month pa ang duty sa pedia!=)

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