Monday, February 6, 2012

a lesson learned

hello world...hello February...=)

the past days, i was so busy and was not able to write entries..

Pedia ward goodbye! (for now)haha- the duty at Pedia ward is over, but if given the chance to rotate there again, i will go for another duty at that area because i learned so many things during my rotation there, and i can say 1 month is not enough..bait ng mga NODs at RN heals sa Pedia!!!=) like like!

Pre duty101- Oh next area will be at ER-- Emergency Room-- the frontline place of a Hospital, its where it starts and its a fast-paced area of the Hospital where competent staffs and Medical personnel do collaboration to save a person experiencing a life-threatening situation.
I was deeply saddened before my duty at ER, i learned an important lesson from our chief nurse during our meeting before our rotation.that is....

OBEDIENCE-- we were required to have a 16-hour pre duty before the actual duty at ER for us to feel the scenario, to know where equipments and supplies are placed, to be familiar of what is happening at different areas in the ER, not to forget the orientation to the doctors that we will meet during our stay at ER.. but, our group this month failed to comply with that 16-hour pre duty. I was able to have 13 pre duty hours, but now that im already at the ER, tama si sir Sam, kulang pa ng 16 hours. He got angry at that morning and while im sitting, i felt so sad that time, im thinking, i did not only fail him and the other persons who believe in my capabilities, but more than that i was not able to maintain that "consistency". i learned the lesson the hard way. After that, i realized he was thinking for our own good and the pre duty was not even for him,it is for us. a lesson learned, really..=)

and right now, at ER-- it is really a challenge to stay at ER, you have to stay alert, patient, observant, you should hold your temper kahit naiiyak ka na haha! im looking for more learning experiences at ER.. =)

HEMs-V orientation/evaluation-- just yesterday!! nun lang ulit ako kinabahan ng ganun!!hahaha super relieved after ng lecture activity hahaha ang saya pala pag na overcome mo yung mga bagay na akala mo hindi mo kaya, pati yung bandaging grrr..haha!! i was having second thoughts about that Hems activity, i didnt even know it was that day..OM!! sana makasama ako..=) enjoy yung activity kahapon..=)

sometimes, we have to learn lessons the hard way, for us to realize that these lessons are important. don't be afraid to try new things, for in trying we learn, and overcome our doubts..=)
it is better to try and fall, than never try it at all..=) seize the day!!!

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