Friday, December 30, 2016

2016:a roundabout ;)

and we're on it.. another blog entry to wrap up 2016 =)

I just got home from my tupad and like i promised myself a while ago while contemplating on some things, i will write my last blog entry for 2016.

If i will describe 2016 in a is a roundabout.(not simple, complicated, merry go round haha)

a mixture of never-imagined courageous actions and a misery of tangled emotions.A year of challenges and opportunities, a year of going beyond the box! a year that improved my english? haha a year of big travels, a year of enormous blessings and up to the last day.. a year i can say i chose to be better. =)

This year is about going the mom went to HK to work, i endured the strenuous demands of finishing my thesis and undergoing the defense again for the second time around. I faced defeat and fear but when i prayed, i felt God's love that at the end of a tiring day, there He is waiting for His child to come to Him and tell how her day was.

2016, a year of travels..Laiya, Calaguas, Cebu, Palawan, Tagaytay, Boracay...a slow clap...i made it and i am gearing up for more..;) im FEU MAN graduate na, that Borland project ;) my keyboard;).. hold on there my dear reader..=)

A year of limitless blessings...yung nilalakad mo nalang yung kapilya? a blessing beyond compare. add to that my inc choir duty...#teamPalmera #teamAdobo =) my priority, my happiness, my source of inspiration and church duty =)

Lessons learned:
Life is tough, and when life puts you down, gather your courage and show life that sometimes fate has to accept its defeat.. that nothing is are capable of doing things you can imagine. Always remember your parents who were always and will always be there for you when nobody else does. Your dad who wants nothing but the best for you. Who wants to see you go beyond your capabilities because your dad is confident he raised you to excel.. your mom who will have her heart broken if she sees you crying over stupid things and emotions you created yourself. Your mom an angel you have everyday of your life that sometimes you fail to even say thank you for treating you like the most vulnerable person, your mom who would give you even her food jut to satisfy your shallow desires. your mom who is willing to follow your orders just to make things easier for you. your mom who is willing to be apart from you just to give you a better future, a person you fail to hug..when at most times you hug your friends. Your family that you forgot, your siblings waiting for you to come home, who asks your location everytime you go home late because they care for you. they genuinely care for you.
Love. Love bravely.Show your genuine concern. Love yourself.
Pray. Pray for a heart willing to wait. A heart that sees beyond imperfections. A heart that chooses to be there and stay when nobody else will.
Live. Fulfill your aspirations. Live happily.

Thank you 2016.
a sweet kiss for you.

cheers to #amazingSurprising2017!!!

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