Thursday, December 8, 2016

fine fresh fierce

oh blogsite.. i missed you a lot. it has been a whirlwind and a total roundabout of scenario  but thanks be to God i am still here, fine, fresh, fierce ;)

i am totally wrecked of all the challenging things ive been through.
I am still fine from all worries i had some of them i created in my ownself. Expectations i swirled from my thoughts that i was constantly insisting to happen in reality. Reality means experiencing how truth hurts-- and it is fine because it only shows how greatly you loved. I am fine despite the crushing feelings of asking myself what i did wrong and seeking my self worth amidst terrible emotions of being doubtful of my importance.

I am fine because i prayed. I am fine because of my family and friends. I am fine because i was able to experience such great emotion that led me to answer my own question why i love someone. I am fine because love never gives up. I am fine because i still believed when everyone does not. I am fine because of certainity in God's love.

if you can think of it, you can do it..
Nothing is impossible if you permit it- ENT :)
oh such courage to step up and grow.
I can even imagine that i am doing things i was just dreaming of in the past years..
I feel fresh to start it all over again :)

I have not seen myself angry.
But i am fierce to fulfill my church duty. I am fierce for my family, for those who appreciate me and made me feel that i am worthy. I am fierce to still understand and give extreme chance to someone who deserves it.

I am fierce to purse my dreams. To pray for someone worth having and waiting for..
and before 2016 ends.. i will be fiercer for myself so that there will be no one to hurt me.  I will be fiercer to stand up and pray for love :)

i am so happy to read my past entries and realise how ive gone from where i belonged.
I am fierce and ready for the future ahead.. :)

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