Wednesday, October 14, 2009

something to smile about..=)

the typhoon had passed,the rains and strong winds are finally over..--for now.

our province in Pangasinan was badly affected,water came over the fields and covered the roads, killed the farm animals and damaged the infrastructures...

in this flight of disaster, i realized that i am still blessed..

my grandmother who slept uncomfortably sitting, i guess (because water went to her room at the level of her bed..or had she slept during the night?) is still able to call my dad at the office via long distance while in the town of Bayambang, to serve for her senior citizen as a treasurer duty.
although most of the little goats got drowned, there were still like 25 that were left..=) that is still something to smile about..

the tractor was ok, though the machines used to water the fields have to be fixed, the house is still ok..and that is something good to smile about..

Baguio was considered "isolated" for about 2 days, the effect was felt for over a week..there was food shortage and gasoline shortage..yet, "all system go" for tomorrow..there will be classes tom =)

i still have lots of ideas in my mind..i was able to see Cresencia village, (the village that was covered by the landslide) we were riding in a taxi during that night, and i really felt sad..i can't sleep..i pity those little kids that died during that tragic event..

let us try our very best to move on..
we are alive because we still have to do our task..
we are still alive because God believes that we can do something good..something better..
let us prove that He is correct for saving us in the middle of these disasters...

keep the faith and drop the fear..!!! =)

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