Wednesday, October 7, 2009

who are your friends?

is this qoute really true?

"tell me who your friends are and i will tell who you are"...

in my view, this quote does not apply in every circumstance.. We can be seen by others in different way,in different perceptions.. we can be with different people and also be the way we want.

i can be with the older ones, and they can share their learnings to me..

i can be with the ones with the same age as i have, and i can share my jokes and laughter to them...

i can be with the young ones, and can share my advice to them..

you can be with the wild ones..and still stay calm

you can be with the serious ones, and still be the joker..

you can be with the sad ones, and give them a reason to smile..=)

you see..we can stand out in every way, it just takes a little change of perspective..=)

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