Monday, April 26, 2010

julea and juliana..=)

helow!!!! this is just a short blog..=)

its good that my lola just got home a while ago..

i and my younger brother spent 2 nights at the hospital to look after my lola..
ay nga pala..buti naalala ko..the title of this blog wud be..julea and juliana..=)
because my name was given by my grandparents,i was born at their house at pangasinan..=) my lolo wanted "lea"..and my name was after my lola's name juliana.. equals to...julea..=)
that is why im close to them...

i remember when i was still in grade one, i got sick and my lola traveled to our house in manila to cook a native chicken.. after that i got well..haha!!!

there was also a time when she visited, and her eyeglasses got broken because i stepped on it..
natapakan ko sa upuan kasi bata pa ako nun, as usual malikot ako nun..=)

it makes me smile to remember those things...i still pray for her recovery, my uncle said gusto nila ako nag mag alaga sa kanya kasi daw she smiles when i talk to her, kasi i say jokes at i tell her the funny experiences i had during my past duties to different places..=)

a nice quote i read from my review material goes like this... "pain is just temporary.." and i would add this...pain is just temporary we cant get stuck on something because time waits for no one...keep the faith!!!

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