Sunday, February 6, 2011

first feb entry..=)

my dear blogsite, how have you been??im so sorry i wasnt able to write blogs and make my promise to update my site often. i know, reality so busy at work. however, for the things that i missed, i gained something the other way..=)

i just read blogs of jiggy cruz and that was just awesome! his ideas were really great plus the grammar you know..haha

the first month of 2011 was a variety of experiences..going out of thr comfort zone and making my way into the bigger, more demanding, more complicated world. i have to travel everyday, i have to cross streets, i have to accomplish tasks given to me, i have to keep that alertness everyday..haha

oftentimes i think that the "pacing" here in Manila is faster than in Baguio or in other places..parang kulang ng isang araw sa mga gagawin..hehe at work, tension is the word..rar

i realized that we should really have time to rest ourselves from the stressors all over the environment. like during Sundays, i stay in the house, find something to read, contemplate on things, laugh with my family, text my friends and just go slow and be lazy..=)

my facebook life..oh no..anyway, it comes with it, hehe

i am looking forward to my residency training at V.luna Hospital, my goodness..the interview was nerve wracking!so how do you define fracture? can you differentiate fracture from dislocation?hahah that was the question after i explained the orthopedic seminar i attented at v.luna..hahaha i felt relief after the interview!

february na...=) wala na yata akong mahihiling pa..=)

til next time heart of mine..=)

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