Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy fabulous feb!!=)


im very happy at this moment, im twenty years old na!hehe =)

let's start the story..=)

tuesday...feb 16
during the night, i was having slight fever..and a stomach a little weak and just decided to stay on bed, sleep early and wake up early because my class was 8am..

wednesday...feb 17 (eric's bday)
the ECG lecture made me sick!!! we were forced to interpret a rhythm that for the medical students, it requires a semester to master...we did that in just 4 hours! overload.. buti medyo i felt better during the afternoon.. i and jovi took a visit at Mario's (the restaurant i was planning to celebrate my birthday..i thought about it a year ago)..=)
ganda ng ambiance sa mario's... kaya lang..yung drinks so expensive.. calamansi juice for 75 pesos...over!!
we decided to go to sm baguio and look for a more reasonable resto.. we ate at chowking kasi late na mga 5pm, i ate congee kasi masakit tyan ko...wala aq gana kumain..=(
i ordered our cake at goldilocks..(cake for the slu bio party)..=)

thursday...feb 18 (my day)!!!! (bday din ni julius)
i was surprised because the whole class sang a birthday song for me!=)
ate mitch and ate amy gave me gifts, we were about to discuss algorithm for the megacode for next day's return demo...
ang saya... we ate at pizza hut session road.. (f4 and shiela, leanne, hailee and jen..) ravioli and pasta putanesca..wid free kisses..the chocolate ones..hehe
i went to church and prayed, thanked God for the wonderful blessings i having receiving 2o years now..=)
at the bhauz, we ate choco marble cake which i brought and the grilled chicken that my cousin brought when me and koleen was in the church..heavy dinner!=)
what a very happy birthday..=)

friday!!!!! feb 19..
the megacode rd was a storm...not just a blast!!!
it was really nervous to play as a doctor and read the ECG strip!!!! my goodness... kahit anung sabihin ni mam charo nun wala na, naka focus ako sa groupmates ko.. doctor aq eh, kailangan may gawin ako dun...puro ventricular fib!! cge compression, CPR, defib!!! hahahaha
well...patient revived!!! whoooo.... yaan nyo pag naging doctor talaga aq, alam ko na ang normal sinus rhythm...hehe NPE 3 rocks.. kami lang naka revive ng patient sa buong section!!!=)
kakaibe yun grabe...naiiyak na ako kasi nagaglit na si mam charo dahil di ko mabasa yung strip, pero nagawa namin...yesss!!!
during the nyt, after attending the tanging pagtitipon, i was running kasi mau and lei was waiting for me for like 45 minutes na! then we went for the slu bio party..

leo and ferdie(feb 5),eric (feb 17), julius and julea (feb 18)..jourbiela(feb..?)
ang saya ng party with the bios..kahit maikli q lang sila naging classmate, ang saya pa din.. sayang wala na sa slu si stephen,..
c leo baked mac, aq cake, c julius ice cream, c eric pansit, c ferdie di ko alam tska si jourbiela..
ang saya kwentuhan and dami pagkain!=)
di aq makatulog...2am na yata aq nakatulog..=)

saturday...feb 20
at d gym 830 am..seminar resume and cover letter making..=)
went to gapuz to inquire for d review...
3pm..went to palma for jen's bday celeb..hehe
ive been partying 3 days in a row now... back to reality tom...=)

with the things that happened, all i can say is im just taking the opportunity to enjoy every moment while i can still enjoy it and appreciate the blessings given to me...
im so happy to still have my parents and family around me, my loving relatives around, spend fun moments with my friends, and smile everytime im given a moment worth remembering..=)

(i realized i was not able to whisper my wishes with the candles i that means.. til next year to come!=) siguro kaya di ako nakapag wish eh wala na akong naisip na mahihiling pa..'',

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