Saturday, February 6, 2010

( this picture was taken when we were washing our uniforms in Lepanto..simple bonding pero ang saya ng bonding! =D )

so here i am, sitting in front of the computer trying to remember everything that happened from th last time i was able to post my last blog...haha

i have attending to many things weeks ago and managing things for our class, the last time i made my blog was the birthday of my elementary classmate,nikko(its nice he accepted my friend request in facebook after 3 months?).. hehe =)

i posted my last blog just before our trip for our duty in bethany icu ward... that was a learning experience with mam libria..i really tried not to sleep during the shift which was 11-7 bec i was a bit scared with the icu ward, good thing no patient went to heaven during our duty..whew...!

the next week, i got busy for our yearbok.. the forms have to be encoded and burned to a cd. but thanks to my classmates who helped me finish the task..

after that week, we were so anxious about our duty at lepanto, it was dubbed as the worst duty place to be for the UB nursing students, aside from Bontoc which is really far (i think the farthest affilated hospital of our school)..

So this is how the experience begins....
i dont know what to bring, im not sure what to pack in my bag.. sweaters, blankets, utensils, because my classmate told me that it is cold there..

the trip was a bit relaxed, we saw the devstations brough about by the storms that passed. imagine a road cut in the middle. i mean, the white line in the middle. we had good time making fun of kuya aries in the ven..we said we were in wish ko lang and kuya aries was about to go home in his place in cebu. hahaha the chicken dung trucks gave us headache!!!!eewww

it was almost 7pm when we arrived at the staff house, it was a big place but 4 groups would be there so the space was not enough.. we were able to go to the market before our duty (thanks to ken)

the hospital was like 25 meters away we have to walk through the stairs going up..the scenery was mountains in every side..hehe

the first day was done..4hours duty and 4 hours sleep..tnx! there were only 4 patients during that time. but during the last day, there was like 20 patients and some of us have to attent to 2 patients at a time. that was ok,none of the patients was toxic..=)

we had 1 nsd case equal to 3 least hindi kami na zero!!!
the day goes like this..
in the morning, i, ken and shiela would go to the market and buy our foods for lunch and dinner...we cook 2 1/2 kilos of rice every meal!imagine that but we have to nourish ourselves bec. being in the graveyard shift is a bit threatening to the body...=)

ang dami ko pa gusto ikwento!! nauso yung "chugz" na tawagan..
what i like the most during our shift is the time that we have to eat our last supper at lepanto, the group prayed together and shout "nursing win"!!! that so nice...=)
the idea of making a new t-shirt for the group came in so i have to look forward to it..=)
and dami namin paglain, pero 350 lang nagastos namin para sa pagkain individually,. for 1 week yun ah! galing ng mga cook namin...kuya aries, jayson, yvans, ian!!!!! c ken pa pala..=)
i wont forget the sinigang encouter, c aiz hindi na kilala luto ng bf nya!!!hahaha

time passed a lil slow but i think it has a reason behind it, it learn how every moment is special, must be treasured because it will never happen again....medyo sad kc tahimik sa bhauz when i got home, silence broke my heart.. namiz ko yung ingay namin..

grabe yung byahe pabalik..omg!!! muntik talaga aq mag vomit...ouch!super sabi nga ni shiela para laming kinayod na buko 360 degrees nothing beats halsema!!! roller coaster ibang level!!!!

and now back to baguio..looking forward for panagbenga 2010!=)
if ever other ideas come to my mind, ill try to post it so that ill remember the good times i had during my college days...

this blog can be summed up to:
"moments enjoyed with friends will be treasured, it will make me smile over and over again..=) "

midterm week ahead...go go go!

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