Tuesday, February 9, 2010

happy hearts day!=)

how will you treat a post, when it is posted by someone who matters a lot to you?
im sure you will not ignore it,you will think hard why did that person posted that greeting..
were you the only one given?if yes,what does that mean? if not, can you still say anything?...
if for the past years youve been puzzled about what is happening then suddenly, you see yourself still puzzled, having no power to do anything, having no guts so say something, having no courage to do the right thing..one thing that is sure...i remember the quote "you are someone to someone if that someone is someone to you" (im not sure of this quote, ill try to recheck it later)... hmmm whatever!!!

this idea came to my mind this morning..
if we were given everything, we will not learn to value the importance of something so little..
maybe that is why we are only given enough or less because God does not want us to forget him, worse, He doesn't want us to do bad things and hurt others just because of the excess things we receive. we may do bad things.. but everyday, we are always given the chance to think about it, feel sorry, and ask for forgiveness...

hhmmm..another thing..
criticisms serve as reality check..it means we may be doing something too much, that unconsciously we hurt other people already... maybe criticisms were made to keep us on track..=)

and now i smile..=)
and i hope to smile everytime i remember that nothing is impossible with GOd!=)
its not NO..its just not NOW...=) yahoo!!!

"dont just wait, grow and be ready"...and make sure your heart can take it..=)
advance happy hearts day!=)

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