Friday, February 26, 2010

words and thoughts from my heart..=)

there is this song, i was happy to hear it again...
if you were my girl by a1.. haha it makes me sing talaga...! i heard it upon entering trinity cellphone shop when i was about to get my phone.. buti narinig ko ulit yun...

seen the movie miss you like crazy...

my favorite part was when august(john llyod) called bea and asked"san lakad mo?", "gusto mo ng kasama?", "hindi ako maingay pramis..".. at syempre the petronas tower conversation..=)
tapos yung ending..that finally,they were in eachothers worries, no person to hurt, no fate to fight with, because destiny favored them already..

this week was an awesome week...many good things happened,.. i really cant forget the feeling of nervousness when i was able to exchange my hellos to my long lost friend(10 years!)... hehe not just butterfly in my stomach, mariposa ata!!haha

i feel guilty in a way kasi i think im not studying like before, finals pa naman... parang im not exerting effort to get good grades..yung ncp namin, ang baba ng score...
kung sana ginawa nalang namin ng maayos...

i think i felt really overwhelmed and set aside some things that i should be doing, regrets? hindi.. medyo... unorganized lang...

im doing my best to make things better and correct my expecting too much, thinking that things will turn just the way i like it to be, but it isnt like that... life is unfair, and we have to accept it..

it just cant be.. that things will be like the way it is everyday, if we will have everything we desire, there will be no things to look forward to..

we cant have everything that we want.. where would we place it..???

we cant own someone...because nobody can own anyone..

we cant make something happen in just a snap..coz anything that is worth having, is worth waiting for.... is the street parade and here i am sitting making my blog, listening to songs in youtube, thinking of the things that i should change to make tomorrow a better day..=)
bukas cguro kami manuod ng float parade.., tapos duty sa rosario LU..." the last official hospital duty for ncm 105.." after that completion duties nalang..=)

this is a simple moment with my words and thoughts from my heart..=)

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