Friday, March 19, 2010

i had a funny experience yesterday when we were walking down session road, we went for interview for a chance to be a call center agent.. Convergys inc.rented the yellow cab pizza store to be the place of their interview..
there were two of us who were facing the interviewer, i was the one who was asked first, it was really funny! i was able to answer the questions but i mentioned about the financial stuff, and that's a big no no during an interview..! yung kasama ko, nclex passer na at RN na din..hahaha after that we were given food stubs.. nakakain tukoy ako ng yellow cab ng wala sa oras.. free pizza, who wouldnt want that???yum yum yum... e kasama ko pa si ate mitch..addict sa pizza..
a letter was handed to me saying, we regret to inform you that you dont qualify our requirement..hahaha that really makes me laughuntil now! nag seminar pa naman kami about interviews tapos in the real scenario ganun ginawa ko...wel at least ive experience an actual interview..=)

so these are some of my graduation pics...
i stare at it and just smile... at last, i was able to arrive at this point of my life that i can say to myself, i was able to achieve proud of my parents and manong jayson.

without them, i am not here, able to finish my studies and achieve such degree.. in the past days, i said to myself, i have caused my parents so much sacrifices already... its my turn to do my my little ways i will start to make them feel proud also.. i will review hard to pass the board exam in just one take...

like what i said in my yearbook:
"the quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regarding in whatever chosen field of endeavor.. i dedicate my achievements to my family and relatives. to m.jay, a sing;e thank you is not enough"

i will explain it in my next blog..=)
i feel so grateful that God gave me so much blessings... more than what i asked, and i know, before i pray, He already knows what will i say..and a blessing is again coming my way..=)

thank you bro!!!!=)

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