Thursday, March 18, 2010

a great day with shiela..=)

how will i start? where will i start?..;)

the internet here at school is taking too long to respond but so far so good naman.
i planned to make this blog last night but i was tired already from the things that i did yesterday..
i was at the school 9:30 am to arrange the papers for our section's yearbook, good thing i saw shiela so nagkwentuhan kami sa library..sorry hehe
i looked for mam danglipen but she was no yet around at 11:00 am we just took the courage of availing the BPI savings card at campomanes...after 45 minutes, we were able to get our card.=)

we had lunch at jollibee assumption and shiela treat me for the meal...=) tnx chugz!
she shared stories that really made me laugh and i felt my stomach quiver bec i laughed too hard....she told me the story during their first ever duty at tagudin..

after that we went to commerce bldg, we saw sir imus,,, we were again laughing bec we have to let sir imus sign our case slips and without any effort of texting him, we just saw him..
i and shiela enjoy talking about destiny and fate.. she said that "if a thing is really bound for you, you would get it in the right time, without any effort.." haha then we would look at each other and say chugas ay...hahaha!

even her bottle of water that was left at the campomanes while we were on the line waiting for our card, was still there..after namin kumain sa jollibee napansin nya wala yung tubig nya binalikan namin sa campomanes andun pa din.. sabi ko sa kanya, destiny mo yung tubig mo chugz...hehe!

it was 4pm already when our meeting with dean cabrera took place, i appreciate the effort of our dean to make such meetings because she made it a point to speak to each graduating student and inspire them with little ideas like...exert effort to pass the board exam..she said "let's make history this july and december board exams.."

i and koleen went to church that evening..and ate a late dinner...the lesson that night made me thought of things that i have to let happen...God has better plans, He has many surprises for us..=)

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