Friday, March 26, 2010

"all systems go!"

"all systems go!"

that is all i can say as i wait 1 day more for my graduation. i can say everything is ready, everything has been prepared vigilantly..i am really happy and excited for the event.. i made this blog to pay recognition to the graduation committee of our school- UNIVERSITY OF BAGUIO...

i really appreciate the effort given and the time exerted for our practice. the instructions were thoroughly explained, the directions were very well said...!especially the talk of sir raffy!!i love it! he gave jokes that really happen during graduation..!!!hahaha

the school really wanted everything to be perfect and i really felt that UB wanted our parents to feel the warm welcome and thanks of the university..

being the second home of their children, and being away from home, UB has that "family atmosphere", it really has that "caring" for every student...

i also would like to commend the effort of our dean, Dr. Cabrera. She was there at the gym during the practices. she comes earlier than i do..=) wag ko lang sya masasalubong kundi lagot aq, late aq ng 5 mins. haha!

i remember the question in a slumbook during the elementary years,,
what is your greatest ambition?---- to finish my eto tapos na...=)

again,CHEERS TO BATCH 2010! i am with you in praying for our success!=)

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