Wednesday, April 7, 2010

some thoughts..=)

i miss writing blogs!!!=)

after the graduation celebration...the journey begins...another chapter of life that has to be better than the last..- and it can only be better if i will make a change.

change is inevitable and you have to let it pass when it knocks on your door.. because if you dont, you will get stuck in that point, in that corner... we have to move, even if it slow.. we cant rush things, we have to understand the art of preparation.

last april 4, i really saved this things to my cellphone before i went to sleep..
these were the things that i learned during that day:
1. put God first-start ur day with a prayer
2. Learn new things each day-i mean RE- learn it again..haha
3. learn from your mistakes-always!
4. stay L-least noisy O-observant W-win a friend with a smile
5. be cautious-some people are bad, but God sends us angels to protect us..=)
6. patience and courage makes a difference!

it was a walk in duty at benguet gen DR...grabe, di bale masasabi ko lang.. everyone starts as a novice..=)

this week, we are arranging the things that we need for the application in the July board exam...i really hope we can finish the things that we are doing, we were travelling, i sleep late, but dont worry i dont let myself go hungry...=) hehe...syempre as in kakapagod pero kaya!!!=)

im happy for my friend, a magna cum laude in DLSU dasma...galing!=)

looking forward for more accomplishments this! till next time..=)

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